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Severe storm deals damage to Worth County


Cleanup continues tonight in much of south Georgia after severe weather Friday morning.

The National Weather Service says a high winds uprooted numerous trees and caused roof damage on Doerun Road in Worth County.

When a powerful line of thunderstorms ripped through Worth County just after 8 this morning, Christie Rice was caught in the storm on the way to work.

"I could not see one thing, seriously, I mean limbs are hitting my car, and all I could do was drive my little Prius with both hands and I ended up in a driveway," said Rice. "I completely passed Tyson Steel didn't even see it, couldn't see our sign, it was pretty scary."

Tyson Steel wasn't the only hard hit area. Less than a mile away, the Brown Family got a scare when part of their roof ripped off.

"I went running in the house, I mean through the house, to wake my wife up. She was sitting in the bed. My daughter was taking a shower and we all got in the hallway, it was real scary," said witness Carol Brown.

The worst of the storm only lasted a few minutes.

"Oh about maybe five minutes. Maybe not that long," said Brown.

"I waited probably five minutes and it was clear enough to see, so I backed out and drove to work thinking everything looks so weird," said Rice. "There were trees down, I mean it just happened really fast."

If you are caught in a dangerous storm, like the ones from this morning, sometimes the best thing you can do is remain calm.

The National Weather Service is conducting a survey of the damage to determine the specific cause.

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