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Tift Co. business owners slammed by severe storm


Business owners are reeling in the wake of a morning storm. One of them caught it on camera.

Cell phone video shows battering winds blowing through Tifton. Ray Pina was holding the phone and had no idea how bad it was about to get.

"I heard a roaring sound and thought it was rain," said Pina. "I looked out. Started video taping the rain.

But powerful wind is what he encountered, enough to send him running.

"No, no. I wasn't going stand there," he said.

Pina and his coworkers at Billings Auto Repair hunkered down in the back of the shop.

"As it went by we went in the back to hide and then we came out and seen all the damage," said Thom Billings of Billings Auto Repair

Debris from neighboring buildings was tossed around the area near Carpenter Road.

"Behind our building in the woods there's a new building, and we don't know where it came from," said Billings

They believe it could have come from Yancey Transportation next door.

"It blew one door on top of one of our customers trucks," said Craig Tibbetts with Yancey Transportation.

The building's roof and garage doors were damaged. Luckily no one was hurt.

But across the street it was a shattered dream for Josh Haynes.

"It's not something you want to wake up to," said Haynes. "We've been here for a year putting in a lot of hard work."

Just weeks away from it's grand opening, the storm leveled Diamond Exposure Baseball Academy. The siding was just put on Thursday. Now we're told the building is a total loss.

"This isn't going to slow us down," said Haynes. We got hit in the mouth. We'll get right back up and fight again."

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