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Autopsy results show former doctor's cause of death


Results from the autopsy of an Albany doctor are answering some questions in the case, but leaving even more unanswered.

The autopsy, conducted in Macon, revealed pediatrician Tommy Paschal died from a gunshot wound to the mouth.

Four people in jail are being questioned about Paschal's death, but Police have not ruled his death a homicide.

Tracy Jo Walker, Joshua David Hodge, Brandon Aman and Tracy Atwood are in jail charged with robbing a man at the Knights Inn the same day Paschal died, but they are NOT charged in Paschal's death.

"Based on the investigation part of it, [the case] could go either way," said Coroner Michael Fowler. "Until the investigation [is over], we don't want to say until we know definitely."

One of the women being questioned is Tracy Atwood. She has history with Tommy Paschal and was arrested in 2011 for shooting at him during an argument in Lee County.
Paschal wasn't injured, but when Atwood's house was searched, deputies found drug bottles bearing Paschal's name and arrested him, too.

However, Police have not said that Atwood is involved in Paschal's death.

Tommy Paschal was found dead after an anonymous 911 caller suggested police check on him. His neighbors have since expressed concern about activities at his house.

"There has been some things that have been going on over there," said Neighbor Jody Smith. "We've been seeing, somehow or another, a lot more law enforcement going there. We knew something was going on in the house, but we weren't really sure. But [it] seemed to be a lot of arguments."

Since his death, the D.A.'s phone has been ringing.

"That's very good. Apparently the Doctor had a number of friends and people that were concerned about his whereabouts," said Edwards.

Coroner Michael Fowler said the autopsy showed Paschal died Tuesday.

"That's the day we are going to put as the day of the death," said Fowler. "We know he died [in the] early part of the 18th."

Investigators are still awaiting further crime lab test results, that they expect will reveal whether Tommy Paschal shot himself or if someone else pulled the trigger.

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