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Spring Fever: Pollen, Mosquitoes and Severe Weather

Erin Cannington Allergist and patient Erin Cannington Allergist and patient


Spring is in the air, and we are already seeing flowers bloom and pollen accumulate on just about everything. That's bad news for allergy sufferers, but there are a few ways to limit your exposure to pollen. 

"There time outdoors, especially in the morning hours, that's when the pollen counts are the highest. They could also, you know, make sure they are keeping their windows and doors closed during the day," said Erin Cannington Allergist. 

Pollen isn't the only sign of spring floating around town. Mosquitoes are starting to swarm, and if we continue to see warm conditions, we could have several buggy months ahead.

"The warmer it gets, the more hatch out and that means we will have to make sure we are back at work and we are doing everything that we can to control the problem as far as our adult sized and larva sized concern," said Donnell Mathis, Dougherty County Environmental Control Director.

Severe weather season is about to get active, and we are anticipating a strong line of thunderstorms Friday morning.

"The main threat will be straight-line wind damage as a strong line of thunderstorms will roll through the area around nine o'clock and that is when we could see some of the most significant impacts from this storm system," said Ryan Beesley WALB Meteorologist. 

NOAA'S Climate Prediction Center is forecasting above average temperatures throughout the spring months, which means these conditions could get worse. 


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