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Should minimum wage be increased?


Should the federal minimum wage be raised? A new government study shows increasing it from 7.25 to a little more than ten bucks an hour would have positive and negative impacts on the economy.

President Obama supports raising the federal minimum wage to $10.10, and the Congressional Budget Office estimates that increase would lead to about a 500,000 job cuts nationwide.

"I feel minimum wage should go up because there are hard workers out there that do 40 hours plus a week, but I don't think people should lose their jobs over it," said minimum wage worker Victoria Moore.

That same CBO study says the increase would move about 900,000 people out of poverty. Sam Carline owns Stallings Motors in Cairo and Thomasville, he employs minimum wage workers and says it doesn't add up for him.

"I want everybody to make more money, I want them to have $50,000 jobs, but you have to start somewhere and you have to develop work ethic, and to do that you have to have an entry level job which would typically pay about minimum wage," said Carline.

Like many of the 16.5 million workers who make minimum wage Victoria Moore says an increase is necessary.

"Even as a single mother, and she's out there working minimum wage, there are bills, and the economy, things are rising and rising, so at minimum wage how do you pay some of those bills?"

People on each side of the debate realize there may be some negative impacts, no matter what is done.

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