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RVA school districts decide how to handle blizzard of missed days


School districts across metro-RVA area are figuring out if and when to make up missed snow days, especially if more snow hits next week.

The Richmond School Board voted Wednesday night to make March 6th and 7th full school days. Those dates were originally scheduled as half days.

Most school districts in the metro area have shut down for at least eight days this winter, since last week's storm. School heads agree making up class time is critical, even if the district is already putting in more hours than required.

"Fifteen additional instructional days over the state minimum requirement," counted Felicia Cosby, on the number of extra days Richmond students are set to go to school, snow or not.

Henrico, Chesterfield, Hanover and Hopewell all require extra days beyond the minimum, as well. Each of these districts, including Richmond, has already made up several missed days, even though the district would've met the state quota, anyway.

"We don't necessarily have to (make up days) because we do have. days built into the calendar," continued Cosby.

For example, Richmond and other districts called kids into class on President's Day. This day was originally scheduled to be a school-free holiday. However, administrators preemptively deemed it to be a day students would not have off, if necessary, when devising the calendar.

In Petersburg, no extra days are planned in advance. Therefore, with eight days lost to bad weather, district leaders must decide on eight future days to bring students into class. Petersburg administrators decided six dates so far; two days still need to be figured out.

If more snow days are called this winter, school districts have mixed responses in how they'd handle making up the time.

Henrico, Hanover and Hopewell administrators say there's a good chance their schools wouldn't make up for any additional lost time, since they've got so many hours in the bank.

Chesterfield may consider extending some school days, but insists Memorial Day and spring break dates will not be changed.

Richmond may eliminate Memorial Day as a holiday or add days on to the end of the year. School board members tell me they'd even consider a Saturday school day, if needed.

It's all literally up in the air, as everyone waits to see what the forecast brings.

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