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Dial 811 before you dig


Spring is almost here. Many of you will soon be out planting and gardening, but you might want to call 811 first.

811 is a free nationwide service that helps you locate underground lines.   A quick call before you start digging can help you make sure you won't hit a line and get injured, or lose service.

No matter the size of the project,  officials with 811 say it's important for everyone who's digging to dial those three digits before they start.

"Any type of activities, large or small, if your planting trees and shrubs or doing gardening work, even building a deck, we ask that you give us a call. If your using mechanized equipment you want to give us a call because its safer and its the law," says 811 Liaison Manager Mike Bell. 

This week Water, Gas, and Light workers were out installing a new water main near Philema and Jefferson Rd.

But if you're at home, and want to start a project that involves a shovel, dial those three numbers a few days beforehand.

It can save you a headache, and the chance of knocking out power to your neighborhood.

"What happens is people will be out digging and doing a rose garden and saying I don't need to call, but you never know where those lines are," says Bell.

At Water Gas and light, representatives say every year lots of people end up hitting lines while doing home projects.

"It happens all the time and especially as we get toward spring it happens because people are digging in their gardens and after the winter we are experiencing with so many dead plants we have more people replacing plants that didn't make it over the winter," says Marketing and Customer Service Assistant General Manager Lorie Farkas.

"If you look at the damages it can cause injury not only to yourself but others as well and then you have the service interruption that we spoke about and there can be fines as well," says Bell.

Just Call two business days prior to your project so that area companies can be notified of your intent to dig.

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