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Former Riverside employee urges laid off workers not to give up hope

Shameckia Walker- Former Riverside Employee Shameckia Walker- Former Riverside Employee
Mayor Bill McIntosh Mayor Bill McIntosh

One job hunter says workers about to be laid off from one of South Georgia's oldest industries have tough times ahead, but she says they shouldn't lose hope.      

Riverside laid off other workers recently before announcing Tuesday they're shutting down their sewing operations. Shameckia Walker worked there for three years before losing her job. She worked as a sewer for Riverside Manufacturing before she was laid off in December.  

"I felt like what I'm going to do. I don't know nothing else but Riverside," said Shameckia Walker.    

She says it's been hard to find a job so she can continue to support herself and her nine month old daughter.  

"I'm trying my best to find another job now but no one is hiring right now," said Walker.  

Tuesday, Riverside announced the closing of its cutting, sewing, and warehousing operations. That will put 140 people out of work.  

"You feel for people, especially in the economy that we have. People whose family depend on them and for this community it means a whole lot that those jobs are being loss," said Mayor Bill McIntosh.  

Moultrie Mayor Bill McIntosh says a major layoff like this can affect the area's economy.  

"140 jobs, that's a significant loss of revenue that can be circulated in the community," said McIntosh.  

McIntosh says Riverside has played an important role in the community for more than a century, and he hopes that it can restructure and bring jobs back.    

"We have to be forward, positive about it and hopefully things will turn around they'll be a presence for another 100 years," said McIntosh.    

Walker is encouraging those who will be laid off to not give up hope.  

"Just find another job, because they do this like every year. So I advise them to just find another job," said Walker.  

McIntosh says the Georgia Department of Labor and the Moultrie- Colquitt Chamber of Commerce provide resources to help people get back on their feet. The closing is scheduled to take place in late April. Riverside will maintain some parts of its business, including senior management and customer service, at its headquarters in Moultrie.

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