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Gun bill could arm teachers and administrators


State lawmakers continue to try to expand gun rights. The bill passed today would allow licensed carriers to bring guns into bars and churches, unless expressly prohibited by the owners or church leaders.  Guns would also be allowed in government buildings that don't have armed security.  And school systems would be able to decide whether to arm teachers and administrators.

"In fact I commend them for allowing us to make that choice," said Dr. David Mosely.

But Superintendent David Mosely doesn't necessarily think guns in the hands of anyone other than school police is a good idea.

"I'm not sure I'm an advocate of that bill, probably have a few people work for us that are highly trained, I would feel very comfortable being armed, but the rank in file I think it's a disaster waiting to happen," said Mosely.

Georgia Loan and Gun owner Steven Drew does support the bill. He believes the bill could help reduce the number of shootings in schools.

"I think there is a tremendous deterrent effect against criminals, if they understand there are people who are armed, and willing to resist, but they don't know who those people are," said Steven Drew.

Dr. Moseley believes the Dougherty County School board will take a holistic approach when deciding whether to allow school administrators and teachers to carry concealed weapons.

"I think they will weigh out the issues, and listen to the advice, I would certainly want the advice of the few people here, we value their opinion," said Mosely.

The bill must pass the Senate and be signed by the Governor before the school board is faced with that decision.

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