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Southern Posies owner defies the odds, looks to achieve big dreams


It's taken a lifetime of sacrifice and exhausting training for Olympic athletes to punch their ticket to Sochi. In the spirit of the Olympics, WSFA 12 News is highlighting local residents who are achieving big dreams.

Tonight, we introduce you to a young business owner who is defying the odds, and a tough economy, to take her talents to the top.

Crystal Strickland's work has graced the covers of local and regional magazines, too many spreads to count. But the journey to this blossoming dream of being a local business owner hasn't always been picture perfect.

"I got a call from my boss, he told me I was being terminated..." Strickland explained. The devastation quickly translated to what she calls divine intervention.

"It was a God Thing, I'm thinking, is this my chance?" she thought.

Strickland heeded the call and Southern Posies was born. And like most successful ventures, it started inside her home.

"Flowers in my living room, dog loves tulips and would eat them," she recalls.

The success overshot the working space and led Southern Posies to Mulberry Street where every corner is filled with vases, staging decorations and party supplies.

"I love what I do, such special times," Strickland explains.

As she finds her footing as a prominent small business owner, the challenges have shifted.     

"I worry about staying creative," she admits. She's single handedly runs her business, meeting with clients, paying the bills, ordering and arranging flowers. Regardless of the size of the event, it's all done in a day's work.

"People don't see the blood, sweat and tears,"Strickland says. "It's a challenge, and a good challenge."

It's a business, born out of necessity, already heavily booked with events through 2015.  Now, she's looking to explore options of expanding throughout the Southeast.

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