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Ga. House bill supports guns in bars, areas in airports


A bill passes in the house to allow Georgians to legally carry guns in more places.

Those places include college campuses, airports and churches.

Georgia state representatives voted today to allow people to carry guns in government offices not guarded by security and non-secured parts of airports.

"It's certain places where it doesn't make sense. And we folks that work at the airports think that airports is one of those places that you need to stay away with all your weapons," said Yvette Aehle, Southwest Georgia Regional Airport Director.

House Bill 875 would also allow licensed gun owners to legally bring guns in bars and places of worship. Congregations could decide whether or not to allow firearms.

Airport Director, Yvette Aehle says people should keep their weapons in the car away from security checkpoints.

"Our folks know to check their concealed weapons permit to make sure they are allowed to have one. Because right now, you can do that," said Aehle.

If passed, the gun bill could create problems for the airport.

"Well, all someone would have to do is basically gun down whoever is at the security checkpoints to gain access to our sterile and secure areas. Which is obviously against everything we been trying to deal with since September 11," said Aehle.

The bill would allow local school districts to decide whether to arm their employees. Supporters say the move would deter attacks on schools, though opponents have said putting more firearms into schools is dangerous.

The bill will now head to the state Senate.

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