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Officials: Potholes not a major problem


Wet and cold weather equals potholes. 

Despite recent messy winter, public works officials in Albany say they're not seeing a major problem, but that doesn't mean they won't develop.

We avoid them if we can, but potholes are often unavoidable in developing thanks to recent weather.

"It's always a problem when you have wet weather and cold weather combined," notes Dougherty County Public Works Directory Larry Cook.

But he says pot holes in the county haven't been that big of an issue.

"We've only had two in the past week that we've had to go patch up and that's in a high traffic area."

In the city we found where some potholes have formed on some northwest Albany streets, but city officials say that's not more than usual during this time of year and you can see where patch work has been done in trouble spots. But even though it's warmer, the asphalt isn't necessarily in the clear.

"It takes the constant traffic flow and the weight on those weak areas and they'll show up if we have them in 2-4 weeks. But this quick after the event, I'm not surprised we're not seeing that many," Cook said.

But crews are on the lookout. And you can be too. If you see a pothole in the city or county simply call 311.

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