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How Chehaw's price changes affect visitors



Visitors to parts of the Parks at Chehaw will soon have to dig a little deeper in their pockets to cover the price of admission.

Chehaw Executive Director Doug Porter told city leaders Tuesday the park is raising ticket prices. The increase was triggered after commissioners voted to decrease funding to the park last year.

Park staff was reduced after the decision, and efforts are being taken to make the park more independent after relying on the city for funds for years.

Adult tickets will increase by $1.10 and children's admission will go up by .35 cents per ticket.

Mayor Dorothy Hubbard said incremental increases are a good way for the park to minimize public impact.

"Chehaw is having to do that so that they can keep in line with what they need to do," Hubbard said. "They have done a number of things as we have cut back on them.  I think this is the last yea they will be getting $1.2 million from the city."

Hubbard said city contributions to the park will decrease every year for the next five years. She doesn't expect funding to return in the future.

"We have supported Chehaw for all the years I have been on the commission, I'm thinking some 20 years," she said. "So I doubt we will be able to unless there are some revenue streams that are generated by the city that I'm not aware of right now."

Chehaw was required to alert city leaders of the increase 60 days prior to its effect. The new prices will kick in on April 18th.  Adult tickets will cost $7.85, and kids will be able to get in for $5.10.

The Executive Director said the park hasn't raised prices since 2011. He said zoo visitors will have free, unlimited rides to the Veldt exhibit after the new prices begin. 

Park access fees will remain the same, at $2 for kids and $3 for adults.


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