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Tornado anniversary just days away


February 19th marks five years since two tornadoes touched down in Thomasville. Close to 200 homes were affected and many people are still dealing with the aftermath.

Five years later, these 2 cousins remember the day a tornado ripped through Thomas and Grady county like it was yesterday. "I still feel it, like I get the memories of it, the other night when that strong wind came through, it woke me up," said Seth Jackson.

On February 19th, 2009 two tornadoes touched down in Thomasville while the Bayview Mobile Home Estates didn't experience the brunt of the force, an extensive amount of damage was done. "It was loud and you could see the power lines, you could see the flashes from when they would break," said Jackson.

Even tree's that once barricaded the streets of this neighborhood still remain pushed to the side even years later, "and it definitely doesn't look the same as when I was little, it use to be lush and green everywhere, now it's just ugly dead trees," said Marc Oliver.

Many who stayed in the back part of the neighborhood, most impacted by the tornado, have now moved away. "Going down the road it was like a puzzle, you had to drive angles that was the only way you could get by, there were power lines you were afraid to step on," said the cousins.

Even as bad as things appeared with approximately 170 homes affected there were no reports of serious injuries, "I mean it missed us the first time, I think we've got luck on our side," said Oliver. Luck that the cousins believe outweigh the memories of a tornado that threatened to rip the lives of many apart.

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