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Partnership to boost student success


The top education leaders in Dougherty County are teaming up to build a strong partnership to combat drop out rates.  It's a plan that's been underway for several months and those behind the move hope the entire community will see a difference.

Leaders at colleges in Albany are now teaming up with the Dougherty County School System in a unique partnership.

"I'm excited about the relationship that hopefully we build as we get to know each other and respect each other and the longer we have that relationship the better things will be for everybody concerned," said Dr. David Mosely, the interim superintendent for the DCSS.

The presidents at Albany State University, Albany Technical College and Darton College, as well as the superintendent of Dougherty County schools are meeting monthly to look for more opportunities for high school students to encourage them to stay in school and continue their education.

"The relationship between the colleges and the school system has to be strong enough, not only for the school system to provide students for us. But we have to have a strong relationship and deliver our services in such a way that students will want to stay in school, persist to graduation, not drop out," said Dr. Anthony Parker, the President of Albany Technical College.

And preventing dropouts is a huge goal for everyone involved.

"That's what we need to encourage some of our students who, for whatever reason have fell by the way side to get with the program and get back in school and the better opportunities and the more education you have the better job you're going to get down the road and the more money you're going to make," said Dr. Mosely.

"Students who engage in college courses and see the value of what they're doing just generally don't drop out of high school at as high a rate as our students are. So I think once we develop those collaboratives and once we consistently offer what students not only need now, but what they need in the future, I think we'll see our drop out rate begin to decline," said Dr. Parker.

Those behind this movement say the more successful students are the more successful the entire community can be.

"We cannot separate ourselves from issues such as the dropout rate in K-12 schools. The educational institutions in the region are a joint entity and collaborative partners who can leverage resources to help students get on the path to a successful future," said Dr. Art Dunning, Interim President of Albany State University.

"This is an exciting time for our community as we begin to take a collaborative look to the future, and leverage our intellectual capability to address the educational challenges we face. Building relationships with my colleagues today, and fostering an environment of collaboration among the institutions now, will benefit our region for years to come," said Dr. Paul Jones, the Interim President of Darton College.


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