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Cinnabon drink thrower surrenders to police


A Cinnabon Owner had his last straw after a customer threw a drink in his face. It was all caught on tape and now the man is behind bars.

Albany Police say 27 year-old Brandon Shands flagged down a Georgia State Trooper on Palmyra Road around 2 a.m. Saturday and surrendered.

Shands was shown throwing a drink at Frank Ross Jr. Ross says he's relieved he was arrested.

"It's a good thing it has come to that point a person realize that they needed to do that. I think that was the right thing to do," said Frank Ross, Jr.

Ross says he got an anonymous call at the store about Shands Friday morning.

"He knew the person's name and he shared that information with me as well as some information where his relatives live. And we basically just encouraged him to contact the police," said Ross.

Shands told police he surrendered after seeing video of himself on the news.

"Really the news coverage on WALB really made a difference and we're just thankful than you all assisted in that," said Ross.

Ross says he's working with his corporate office to take the best legal action, if any.

"The corporate office and I, we been in communication throughout the week. The legal department is looking into what are the next steps and what should be done," said Ross.

Shands threw the drink in Ross's face after he was told he could not exchange his beverage for a raspberry lemonade.

"We're just hoping something positive to come out of it, I think more than anything," said Ross.

Ross says the whole incident was a learning experience and he and the Cinnabon team plan to move forward.

Shands is charged with simple battery and was taken to the Dougherty County Jail.

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