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Valdosta City Councilman James Wright arrested


Valdosta's Mayor said he'll meet with a city councilman Sunday and encourage him to talk publicly about his recent arrest.

Valdosta Police say Councilman James Wright crashed his car on Lee Street Sunday and ran from the scene.Police took out a warrant... and he turned himself in later that day.

One resident... who didn't want to speak on camera... says the whole thing is sad.   

"It kind of makes me feel sad that we have these type of people sitting on boards. But you really don't know what type of people you have until this type of stuff happens," the resident said.

Wright is charged with hit and run and other traffic violations.He hasn't returned our calls or released any statement about the incident.

Valdosta Mayor John Gayle put out this statement regarding his upcoming meeting with Councilman Wright this Sunday:

"I have requested to meet with Councilman Wright to discuss the recent incident in which he was involved.   In my meeting, I will encourage him to make a statement to the press and the citizens of the community.   Until that meeting is held, it would be premature for me to make a statement regarding the matter.   I can say that the Valdosta Police Department handled the matter as they should have and that Councilman Wright was treated in the same manner as any other citizen, he was appropriately charged, and his case will be adjudicated just like any other citizen's case would be."

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