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DCSS will vote on suspended teacher deal

DCSS Attorney Tommy Coleman DCSS Attorney Tommy Coleman
Kevin Fretwell, a teacher at Westover High school won't be there for much longer Kevin Fretwell, a teacher at Westover High school won't be there for much longer

The Dougherty County school system has reached a tentative agreement with the teacher who released student records to the media.   

We won't know what that agreement is until the board votes on it, which could be next week.    But we do know that Kevin Fretwell, a teacher at Westover High school won't be there for much longer.        

The Dougherty County school board will now decide the fate of Kevin Fretwell. "I don't think that Mr. Fretwell will be a long term employee of the Dougherty County school system.  But that remains to be seen between the parties and that will be presented to them later," said DCSS Attorney Tommy Coleman.    

Fretwell, a teacher and coach at Westover High school gave copies of student records to the media, uncovering a grade changing scandal.  

Westover High School Principal William Chunn changed grades for more than 120 freshman, some going from zero to 70.    "The changing of the grades itself by the principal was legal," said Coleman. "There's a statute that authorizes principals to alter grades.  Where the error came is that the policy requires the administrator who's changing the grades to go into the record and document that, put their name on it and say why they did it."    

But Fretwell went to the media instead of alerting the proper authorities. "There are channels to deal with information.  If he had come to me with that information or to another supervisor or someone downtown, the confidentiality of the student records would not have been breeched," said Superintendent Dr. David Mosely .     

In doing this, Fretwell violated a federal statute. "That can't happen," said Coleman.  "That can't be tolerated, and I think they want to send a message to him and to others that we are sincerely going to protect the confidentiality of all the students in the Dougherty County school system."    

Interim superintendent Dr. David Mosely initially recommended Fretwell be terminated, but now negotiations are underway.       

The board voted to dock five days of pay from principal William Chunn.   The teacher who gave Fretwell the copy of the grades was suspended for five days, and the assistant principal has been reprimanded.

WALB reached out to Fretwell, but he and his attorney did not choose to comment.

The Professional Standards Commission will look into all educators involved.

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