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Delayed flights are still a problem

John Vanleeuwen is anxious to get on a flight John Vanleeuwen is anxious to get on a flight
Airport Director Yvette Aehle Airport Director Yvette Aehle

Flights were supposed to resume Thursday afternoon for the first time in more than two days at Southwest Georgia Regional Airport, but that is not happening.

Flight 5335 was scheduled to fly in at 5:09 this evening, but has since been canceled. The winter storm has forced the cancellation of thousands of flights nationwide and left passengers here wondering when they'll finally get home. 

On day three of flight cancellations, there is still no action at Southwest Georgia Regional Airport.  

 John Vanleeuwen is anxious to get on a flight.   "I'm dying to get home, but you know an extra day is not too bad, it could've been a lot worse. My dog will be happy to see me."     

He's here for business from Dayton, Ohio. "I was supposed to fly out yesterday, and so all the flights were canceled, and I just ended up staying over another night, hoping I get home tonight," said Vanleeuwen.  

Flight cancellations are also bad for the airport.   "Our grant money is based on how many people we board out of Albany each year.  That traditionally dictates how much money we get from the Federal government every year, so that we can do airport construction projects," said Airport Director Yvette Aehle.    

Vanleeuwen keeps checking the Delta app on his phone for updates.  He hopes he won't experience more delays for a business trip next week.   "I'm actually suppose to be flying to New York next week and so there getting all those storms so this may happen again," said Vanleeuwen.    

Airport Director Yvette Aehle says passengers are keeping up with flight cancellations.   "Everyone's been watching the news and watching the website and is well aware that there are massive cancellations by Delta."  

She reminds you to provide contact information when you book a ticket, so Delta can notify you in case of a schedule change.  The in bound flight at 8:39 is on schedule, for now. 

Click HERE for the latest flight information  


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