Viewpoint: Second Winter Storm

When a second winter storm approached our state this week, the response by our leaders was vastly different than two weeks ago.

This time, the governor quickly declared a state of emergency and asked the federal government for help. Emergency operations centers were opened before the storm hit, and resources were brought in from across the state to help Atlanta and metro areas deal with the winter storm.

We applaud the governor, GEMA and other state leaders and emergency responders for their handling of this weather emergency.

They clearly learned from the mistakes made two weeks ago when thousands of motorists were stuck in their cars for up to 24 hours.

This time around, residents are prepared, they're staying home and off the roads. It's not over yet, and thousands of  people still don't have electricity.

But at least they have the comfort of knowing that state leaders are working around the clock to make this winter storm as tolerable as possible.

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