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Superintendent wants to fire whistle-blowing teacher

Kevin Fretwell, from an April 2013 interview with WALB Sports Kevin Fretwell, from an April 2013 interview with WALB Sports

The Dougherty County Interim Superintendent recommends that the school board terminate Kevin Fretwell, a teacher and coach at Westover High School.      

Fretwell blew the whistle on a recent grade changing scandal involving several educators, and admitted to duplicating student records and giving copies to the media.    

Dr. David Mosely, the interim superintendent, says this is a breach of confidentiality, and the school system could face legal implications from the government.

"If he had come to me with that information, or to another supervisor or to someone downtown the confidentiality of those student records would not have been breeched.  We could very well be facing some legal implications from the federal government if they chose to go after us. Although I think the evidence will prove that we handled it swiftly and appropriately," said Mosely.

"Instances such as this are personally embarrassing to me and to my staff and to most educators in the system. We don't need this negative stuff. We've had enough of that in the past," said Mosely.

Fretwell's attorney is working on a settlement with the school system.

A hearing is scheduled for February 26th at 1:30pm, and the Board will vote after hearing. Fretwell will remain out of the classroom during that time.

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The move to fire Fretwell comes after the School Board approved punishments for the three educators involved in the grade-changing scandal, where the educators changed more than 120 students' failing grades to passing grades.



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