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Cordele Public Works spreads sand


City of Cordele Public Works crews laid down tons of sand, ready to eliminate or decrease the number of crashes that occur along bridges in Cordele.

"We've got enough to take care of this bridge and the bridge we are going to go to when we get through with this one," said Joey Jackson, Public Works.

The bridges in Cordele are expected to become icy overnight. That's why public works crews worked diligently to lay down sand.

"Well to keep anybody from sliding into the guard rail, or hitting the side of the bridge, keep them from having a traffic accident," said Jackson.

These workers know all to well how icy these bridges can get. They iced over a couple of weeks ago.

"We didn't get a whole lot of snow like they had predicted, but we got a lot of ice," said Jackson.

If you to drive overnight or early in the morning, especially if you're going over a bridge, officials want you to be more cautious than usual.

"We want the public to be aware of especially the drivers is to slow down for your surroundings, just leave early and take your time," said Jackson.

Teleeka Ford travels down Joe Wright drive daily to go to work, she says she appreciates all what public works crews are doing.

"I'm glad because I travel this road early in the morning, and sometimes late at night, so with the bad weather it's good," said Ford.

Cordele Public Works crews also put down sand on 5th Avenue and will monitor other areas through the night.


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