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Car break-ins on the rise in Albany


Crooks are on the prowl, looking to steal from your car. Protecting your belongings is simple.

"We're asking once again to please lock up your items and not in your car, keep them with you or in your house," said Detective Timothy Harvey, Albany Police Department.

In the last two weeks, Albany Police have responded to 19 thefts from automobiles in neighborhoods and 17 outside businesses. The most popular items the crooks are going after are purses, but they are also looking for items that could be deadly.

"But these guns are not being used to sell to another law abiding citizen, nine times out of ten they are being sold to other criminals, they are then being used in shooting, murders, and even myself I've been shot at while working for the police department," said Harvey.

Albany police want you to take anything of value out of your car. They say thieves are looking for GPS systems, laptops, tablets, anything they can sell to make some quick cash,

"As he said earlier take those wallets out of the vehicles," said Detective George Barber, Albany Police Department.

James Middleton does just that everyday, he's glad APD is getting the word out.

"I think they do a pretty good job telling you what to do like making sure if you have valuables make sure you have it secure, make sure your car is locked," said Middleton.

Always remember to check it, take it, and lock it.

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