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Sumter Emergency officials only expect small amount of ice


While North Georgia will get the worst of this latest winter storm, Emergency Management officials in South Georgia are monitoring the weather closely.

Emergency officials in Americus say they expect a small amount of ice, but not as much as they saw a couple weeks ago.

They still want residents to be prepared. Just two weeks ago, Americus got hit with ice and snow. Ice formed on power lines and trees, and most restaurants in the area shut down early as a result.

Emergency Management Director Nigel Poole says he met with city and county officials today, but at this point they don't expect to shut down anything.

"Right now the biggest threat to Sumter County is Thursday morning where we will finally reach freezing temperatures. This will be Wednesday night and Thursday morning. The biggest thing we are concerned about is the rain from previous days and that frozen precipitation turning into ice or black ice," says Nigel Poole, Sumter County Emergency Management Director. 

It's already started to rain in Americus and the temperatures are dropping, but Poole says they're only expecting to see a small amount of ice.

He says this part of Georgia isn't accustomed to dealing with ice, so they're keeping a close eye on the forecast.

"Its the ice that you can't see, you can be riding along the road and hit a patch of black ice and cause driving problems sometimes even severe," says Poole.

He asks that residents be prepared in case conditions change and get worse.

"Build a kit, both red cross and GEMA ask that you have a kit with water, medication, food, in case they do have to shelter in place for up to three days," he says. 

Poole says he and other officials plan to meet over the next couple of days to monitor the weather and discuss plans.

They just sat in on a webinar with the National Weather Service on Tuesday. They'll attend another on Wednesday.

They don't anticipate shutting down schools at this point, unless the weather pattern changes and conditions worsen.

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