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Truckers keep an eye on N. GA weather

Truck driver Patrick Smith Truck driver Patrick Smith
Diane Stephens Diane Stephens
Bob Zimmer Bob Zimmer

Truck drivers hope to avoid another ridiculous icy traffic jam in Atlanta.

Truck driver Patrick Smith was stuck in that traffic jam two weeks ago for more than 30 hours. He's headed back up that way, and he says he's prepared for the winter storm.

Truck drivers driving up I-75 through South Georgia hope to beat the winter storm heading to Atlanta. Patrick Smith took a lunch break at this rest area in Dooly County before heading back to Atlanta where he was stuck in this traffic jam for 36 hours.

"I was coming back from Knoxville, Tennessee and around 4:30/5:00 o'clock in the afternoon on Interstate 75 south at Wade Green Road traffic came to a stop and I did not move until the previous day at 2:00 p.m.," said trucker Patrick Smith.

Smith says it was an uncomfortable 36 hours in his truck, but students from Kennesaw State University passed out PB&J sandwiches and water to stranded drivers. "Kudos to them, a shout out to the younger kids they were looking out for the stranded motorists on the interstate," Smith said.

The Stephens family is traveling to Macon for a doctor's appointment. "We're trying to beat it. Hopefully we're going to beat it and then we're going to come back to Valdosta, Ga where we live. Where it's still warm and not rainy and not messy," said driver Diane Stephens.

Bob Zimmer hopes he will make his day and a half trip back to Ontario, Canada safely. He says driving in icy weather isn't a problem for him, but he's concerned for other drivers. " We're use to snow and ice. I'm kind of worried about the other drivers on the road that aren't really. As long as it doesn't get too bad it's not a big concern," Bob Zimmer said.

Smith says he's prepared if it happens again. " I'm not getting stuck in it. I've got chains in the truck and I will chain my tires. I chained them last time so as long as I can get through traffic with the chains on my tires need be that's what I'll do."

All of the drivers plan to find a hotel if the weather gets bad. Smith says he also prepared an emergency kit filled with blankets, flashlights, overnight clothes, and vitamin bars for his wife in case she becomes stranded.


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