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Hear from Albany woman who marched in the Civil Rights movement


As we commemorate black history month, we sometimes take for granted the history made right here in Albany.

Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. spent a lot of time here leading the Albany Movement in 1961 and 62. 

Sandra Webb was just 13 when she joined one of the marches.  Police stopped the group downtown.

"Pretty soon we heard a loud voice to cease and desist, or be placed under arrest and I was told it was the Chief of Police for the city of Albany, and he told us three times and after the third time he told us we were under arrest," says Author Sandra Webb.

Webb and several other girls were taken to jail in Camilla, where she stayed for a week. Dr. King paid the girls a personal visit.

"We were ecstatic to have a visit from Martin Luther King Jr. We were given supplies, they brought boxes of supplies for us, he prayed for us and told us how proud he was of us," says Webb.

She says much progress has been made. In the 60s the area paper had a weekly section called "News of the Colored People." Webb was featured in these two articles, but these days, blacks including herself, now appear on the front page.

"I compare that from moving to the back of the bus to the front of the bus. It certainly shows that we have come a long way, and so news of African Americans appear and it doesn't have to be in a particular section of the paper."

Senior Pastor of Shiloh Baptist Church Horace Boyd opened up his church as a meeting spot during the 60s despite threats.

"When there was a wake up call and a opportunity to help others, more or less I was willing to do it, because if I knew I could help someone it was right to do it."

Now over fifty years later, he's glad he made that decision. The area where his church stands serves as a memorial and the Albany Civil Rights Institute is appropriately across the street.

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