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High school sophomore serves as an inspiration for her classmates

Kemma Paulk Kemma Paulk
Kemma Paulk Kemma Paulk

All the girls at Coffee High School cheer with much pride, but one of them may be little more prouder than the rest, with good reason.

"She's an amazing cheerleader she loves us and we love her, so she has fun, she has a lot of fun," said Halle Pope, Cheerleader.

Kemma Paulk has down syndrome, but she doesn't let her disability keep her from catching on to the routines.

"She's been cheering for us just for this year, and she catches on to the cheers just as fast as normal,"said Pope.

In the beginning, her cheer coach Tiffany Anderson had some reservations about letting Kemma cheer, she thought it may not have been safe for her,but Kemma changed her mind.

"Almost ashamed that I didn't give her the benefit of the doubt to start, but it has completely changed my opinion on what some people consider a limitation," said Tiffany Anderson, cheer coach.

Though Kemma has a disability it hasn't stopped her from receiving one of the team's highest honors.

"Honorary cheer means she has a special place on our team,"said Pope.

Kemma's mother says she is proud of her daughter.

"I am very proud of her, she's just amazing, she brought a whole lot of joy to our entire family," said Katora Grady, mother.

And to her entire campus community.

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