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Kidney transplant candidate shares story, pushes organ donations

Delois Young, waiting on kidney transplant. Delois Young, waiting on kidney transplant.

An Albany woman says she won't let her battle with kidney disease get her down as she gets the word out about organ donations.

Delois Young has been fighting end-stage renal disease for the past 4 years. She says her journey is meant to bring awareness about the disease.

Young takes a dose of 12 different medications as she battles her life-threatening illness.

"2008 I was diagnosed as beginning kidney failure, by mid October it had decline rapidly," said Delois Young.

She is on the list for a kidney transplant. Her kidney disease turned out to be end-stage renal disease as a result of untreated high blood pressure. And things got worse.

"In June of last year I had a heart attack, which was very unexpected," said Young.

As she recovered from her heart attack, her potential kidney transplant was pushed back a year. If her health continues to improve, she can receive on as early as June. After her heart attack, Young moved back to Albany from Clearwater, Florida.

"My biggest thought was if something happened to me, I wanted my daughter to be around her family," said Young.

Young is setting up a garage sale this weekend to help pay the transplant costs.

"So I have a connection with Help, Hope, Live. org and they are helping me with fundraising events, fish fries and I have friends and family that have donated different items  for the sale. So all money raised will go into an account for Help, Hope, Live.

She says these fundraiser's help her to share her story.

"Helping in our community understand about organ transplant. There are so many myths and we don't think about stuff until if hits us. I was one of those,' said Young.

Young says everyday she pushes through so she can raise awareness about the need for organ donors and to inspire others who are dealing with serious health challenges.

The Garage Sale is Sunday at 7:30 am at Hidden Oaks Apartments on Mock Road. You can contact Deloris at Young at 229-889-8427.

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