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Mom Accused of making terroristic threats


Forty Thomas County students are being offered counseling after a parent jumped on their school bus yelling and cursing. The mother says she was trying to protect her young son from constant bullying but she now faces criminal charges.

January 28th was a day that students on Thomas County bus number thirty won't soon forget.

"On the afternoon run after the bus was approaching the stop a parent came, got on the bus and kept her two children from getting off of the bus, she began yelling profanities at all of the children on the bus," said Captain Steve Jones with the Thomas County Sheriff's office.

Brittany Bable admits that she took the wrong approach in trying to protect her child. "At that point in time, I wasn't thinking about police or any of that, I saw my son in tears and mama took action,"  said Bable.

She was angry and upset when she got on the bus but when she insists that threat was not her intent when she said that she would put a bullet in every one of the kids on the bus. "I am sorry for what I said, about shooting someone's child, no that wouldn't happen, I don't even own a gun," said Bable. 

She believes her son Jayden a kindergarten student, was being bullied by a high school student on the bus, she says that she has alerted the bus driver but never took it any further. The superintendent says he had no knowledge of prior incidents,"I had not received any reports of anything with her child it's possible the school had but none made it to my office," said Thomas County schools superintendent George Kornegay.

The school says bullying is a matter that they take very serious and that the school strives to protect all students but Bable says her son was left unprotected, "my first concern is my son and if the bus driver isn't going to do anything, I'm going to do it."

She is currently facing federal terroristic threats and acts charges as well as misdemeanor disorderly conduct and reckless conduct charges. The school system banned all of Babel's children from Thomas County schools.

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