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Crosswalk safety on the minds of VSU students

Students crossing at the intersection of Baytree and Oak Street Students crossing at the intersection of Baytree and Oak Street
Zach Steele Zach Steele
Brooke Wiggins Brooke Wiggins
Thressea Boyd Thressea Boyd

The intersection of Baytree Road and Oak street is the busiest crossing point for VSU students, making it a potential hot bed for pedestrian accidents.

But students say they feel safe using the crosswalks around campus, whether here or on Patterson Street where a VSU student was hit by a car while walking in a crosswalk.

"Most of the time I feel pretty safe," said Zach Steele, a VSU sophomore.

"I'm pretty safe when I cross the street," said Brooke Wiggins, a VSU freshman.

Another student, who didn't want to be identified, says she, too, feels pretty safe but she also notices how dangerous it is to use the crosswalks.

"I've seen cars that have come up, and the crosswalk is ready for the students to go, and they just, like, ride on your toes," the student explained.

While safe passage isn't a guarantee when using a crosswalk, it is still safer to cross at a crosswalk than to not.

"They're not a hundred percent guaranteed," pointed out Thressea Boyd, Director of Communication at VSU. "We encourage the students to be aware of their surroundings and look both ways, but we are very proud that our students continue to use the crosswalks, especially here on Patterson street."

All three students agreed that having electronic crossing signs is nice, but at the busiest crosswalks, like the ones at the Baytree and Oak Street intersection, a designated crossing guard to would be a good idea.

"At major ones like this, where all the students cross at one time, I think they should," Wiggins admitted.

"I think that would probably be helpful," Steele said.

"I really do think that if there was a guard that was at the crosswalk, especially for the very busy time of day...if someone was tempted to cross because they think it's clear, then they won't cross," added the third student.

Steele says more than anything though, students being more aware is what's really going to make the crosswalks safer.

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