Special Report: Sochi Bound

ALBANY, GA (WALB) - Olympic competition is underway in Sochi.  While you may be gearing up to cheer on Team USA from your living room, a Dougherty County couple will on our athletes in person.  They are Sochi bound, and it won't be their first Olympic adventure.

As people from all over the world gather in Sochi, Russia, Joyce and Fred Jones prepare to join them.

"There's an excitement that you can feel. We're getting excited." And they've felt that excitement in three Olympic cities," Joyce said.

Not counting Joyce's volunteer experience in Atlanta, the Joneses have attended the last three Olympics in Beijing, Vancouver, and London. They've become expert Olympic pin traders and collected more than they can count.

Fred makes balloon animals to hand out to other Olympic visitors.  He's even working on a balloon torch for Sochi. "It gets you into a conversation with somebody," he said. And sometimes allows them to share something personal. "You can kinda feel them out, and you can share your faith with them," he said.

"We can tell them that we're praying for the Olympics and the people in the Olympics," said Joyce. Their Olympic adventures have taken them to amazing places. "The main thing I enjoyed there was walking on the Great Wall of China. Didn't think I'd ever do something like that," Fred said.

And they've met some amazing people, from medal-winning athletes to a sitting president. "We got to meet George Bush and his wife and have our picture taken with them," Joyce said.

They're used all the Olympic security and aren't too worried about their safety in Sochi. "If there is trouble, I'm praying I'm not near it," Joyce said.

They're ready to attend the Bobsledding event. But they hope to find tickets to another event or two once they're in Sochi.  They're looking forward to another awesome Olympic adventure, and they hope it's not their last. "I'm hoping I'm well enough in two years to go to Rio," Joyce said.

And keep their own Olympic streak going.

NBC's Olympic coverage begins tonight at 8 with snowboarding and the new team figure skating competition.  You can see the opening ceremony tomorrow night beginning at 7:30.

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