Viewpoint: Ankle Monitoring Investigation

You've likely seen our WALB News 10 investigation this week about two murder suspects who had previously been released from jail and ordered to wear ankle monitors.

They were supposedly being monitored in December when an Albany man was shot and killed while changing a tire. Our investigation shows the monitoring company lost track of the brothers in the hours leading up to the murder.

So far in our investigation, not one person has been able to tell us how the men went unmonitored for two days.

911 records show that the alarm company never called 911 to report they had lost track of the suspects and no one we've interviewed can even tell us what the procedure for notification is.

There are a lot of unanswered questions about this ankle monitoring procedure and we hope that Albany/Dougherty County law officers, prosecutors and judges will be diligent in finding out what went wrong.

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