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Thomasville Police want to hear from you


Thomasville Police want to hear from you about how they're doing their jobs. As part of an initiative to provide service tailored to the community's needs, the Thomasville Police Department conducts a public opinion survey every three years.

It's their mission to serve and with input from the community Thomasville Police are hoping that they'll be able to serve the city better. "It gives us a good idea, as to the services we are rendering, how we are doing according to the public, because if we set back and evaluate ourselves, we think that we are doing a good job," said police chief Ellis Jackson.

The survey is anonymous, quick and allows the public to voice their opinions about the quality of service available to them, and what could be improved. Many crimes have been solved thanks to the text a tip resource, and police believe as they continue to gain the trust of the community those numbers will only get better.

"Community is apart of law enforcement we're here as the old saying goes, to protect and to serve," said Jackson and one business owner says she knows she can always count on Thomasville Police to respond promptly when she calls.

"Well thank God I've only had to call them twice, with break-ins but they came right on, at four in the morning, and they've always checked my doors for me every night," said owner of The Scoop Deli and Ice Cream Linda Hurst. She says with all that they've done for her the 15 years she's been in business, the least she could do is take a few moments to complete a survey."I don't spend a lot of time on the computer but I wouldn't mind doing that at all," said Hurst.

In the meantime Thomasville Police plan to keep patrolling the streets, serving, and protecting the place that many call home.

Here is a link to complete the survey:

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