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D.A. to call meeting over electronic monitoring concerns


We're waiting for 9-1-1 records we had to request through the freedom of information act to try to find out if any law officers were looking for two brothers at the time police say they killed a man in east Albany in December.

The suspects had disabled their electronic monitoring devices.

The company monitoring them hung up on us  when we asked them more questions.

These court reports show the signal from the monitor worn by Kavorious Price was lost at 4:06 p.m. on December 22nd. That signal was restored at 8:53 that night. Jamey Spurlock was shot and killed during an attempted robbery about 8:30. These records don't tell us when or if the monitoring company reported the lost signal. 

"I know it makes me a little bit more insecure." The main topic of conversation at today's Stop The Violence meeting was that two of the men charged with killing Jamey Spurlock December 22nd where on bond wearing electronic monitors when the crime was committed. Most of the people said they were shocked.

Stop The Violence Co-Chair Bishop Victor Powell said "What you saw here is s representation of what the community is feeling. Concern. Maybe sometimes afraid."

As we continue to pour over court records involving Demetrice Price and his brother Kavorious Price, we still can't get an answer to the question did the electronic monitoring company report that the brothers' signals were lost. If so, when and to whom.

Under protocol the monitoring company should have contacted several groups, including Albany 9-1-1, who then notify police.

Dougherty County Deputy EMA Director Jim Vaught said "What we do is we call the shift supervisor for either APD or DCP and inform them that they believe the individual has departed where they are supposed to stay."

 Dougherty District Attorney Greg Edwards said "the judge who authorized the electronic house arrest gets the alert. And my office gets the alert."

But so far none of these agencies can say when or if they received an alert when the Price brothers' signals were lost December 21st and 22nd. The brothers' bonds were revoked December 27th, when it was reported that the GPS tracking device had lost their signals at least twice.

Tuesday the District Attorney said the electronic monitoring program is valuable for protecting people's rights after their arrest, and he is calling a meeting to answer community concerns from this case.

Edwards said "I intend to probably bring the persons together that are involved with this process. So that we can see what we can do to make sure things are done as best as can be done."

Albany Police told the Stop The Violence meeting that the Price brothers were wearing their electronic monitors when they were brought in and later charged for the Spurlock murder.

A person who has not been indicted within 90 days of their arrest must be granted bond. That could be why Judge Denise Marshall and Judge Willie Lockette released the Price brothers on electronic monitoring. That is not in court records.

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