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Facebook is still relevant after 10 years in social media


Facebook is celebrating a birthday.

Many other sites have been born since Facebook started the social networking craze, but a lot of users say Facebook is still relevant.

Facebook was created as a way to connect students, and that concept hasn't changed much. An instructor in the Medical Assisting program at Albany Technical College uses Facebook as a everyday tool in the classroom.

"I post announcements to the students. I post job opening posting. Any new and interesting articles or changes that occur in the medical profession," said Cathy Garmon.

Garmon started a medical assisting page for her students years ago and says it's been successful so far.

"I'm of the older generation, and my students were always talking to me about communicating on Facebook. I had to get with the newer trends and the trends was that everyone was on Facebook," said Cathy Garmon.

One of her students, Kristen Lord is an avid Facebook user and couldn't see herself going without the social network.

"School plays a vital role in my life and I'm trying to complete this so that I can move on. I feel that in order for me to be completely successful I do need to view my medical assisting page on Facebook," Kristen Lord.

Some people say their use of Facebook has declined over the years, but still manages to find some good uses for it.

"I get to see all my friends' information, what they are doing, keep in touch with past classmates. I'm still friends with my classmates from 6 grade. I can see what they are doing," said Miranda Phillips.

Some people say they are moving away from Facebook to other sites like Instagram and Twitter. Dyron Nix hasn't used Facebook in over a year.

"I know they are trying to reinvent themselves, buy adding video and chat, but they are losing their edge I would say," said Dyron Nix.

Many businesses continue to use Facebook for networking and advertising. And that could mean a whole new era for the site.

Facebook has about 1.23 billion users. 


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