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Dawson club manager faces theft, alcohol charges


Owners of the Coliseum building in Dawson say it was leased to be used as an event center. But investigators say it was operating as a nightclub, selling alcohol illegally and putting the community in danger.

Agents with the Georgia Department of Revenue executed a search warrant after receiving numerous complaints from citizens and local law enforcement of an illegal club Friday night.

"The complaints were that they were selling alcohol without a license, there was a large amount of drug usage  at the club, again fights," said Georgia Dept. of Revenue Special Agent Matt Littleton.

The Department sent in undercover officers who say they purchased alcohol illegally and caught it on video.

"The club is not licensed, they do not have a local license and in the state of Georgia you have to have a local license from the local area and you also have to have a state license," said Littleton. "This club had neither." 

The manager, 33 year old Tim Shelton was arrested. Owners of the building say they leased it to him in July to be operated as an event center.

"A business will operate under the disguise of an event center and what they try to do for some reason," said Littleton. "And what they try to do is they either try to avoid paying for the fees for the alcohol license." 

Littleton says the club was also stealing utilities from surrounding businesses. The city only grants alcohol licenses to restaurants.

"[In] Other words a license is not supposed to be given to anybody that doesn't make at least 50 percent of their income from the sale of food," noted Dawson City Attorney Tommy Coleman.

Shelton bonded out of the Terrell County Jail this morning. He faces multiple misdemeanor charges. He is charged with two counts of sale of alcohol without a license, two counts of theft by taking, one count of disorderly house and one count of illegally transporting alcohol.

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