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Some calls you just shouldn't answer


It's bad enough that telemarketers try to sell you things you don't want on your landline. But they get through to your cell phone too, these days.

At least you have to make the decision to buy what they're selling for them to get your money.

With a new insidious scam that seems to emanate from the Caribbean Islands, all you need to do is return a call you missed on your cell phone, and you're poorer for it.

When you do, look for a $20 charge for an international call, and $9 or $10 bucks a minute if you talk to anyone who might answer.

The crooks ring your cell one time and hang up. When you hit re-dial to see who's calling, they have you. 

It seems the calls are coming from the Virgin Islands, Antigua, and Grenada. The area codes that display on your phone are usually 876, 284, 473, 268, or 809.

One WALB Viewer called Tuesday morning to tell us that she got a call from area code 268, but she'd heard of the scam, and didn't call back.


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