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Counterfeit check cashing spree in Thomas Co.

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A warning for businesses from Thomas County authorities, they're looking for multiple suspects they say are cashing bogus checks.

One suspect made sure he looked legit. Thomas County investigators say several fake check rings are operating in the area. They're looking for one man who made sure he looked like an employee when he cashed payroll checks.

"One gentleman by the name of Octavious Brown cashed several counterfeit checks with Pilgrim's Pride which is a meat packaging plant out of Madison County, Florida," said Lt. Tim Watkins.

Investigators say Brown wore a company uniform and had a work identification badge when he cashed Pilgrim's Pride checks at the Murphy's store in Boston. He's not the only person running this scheme. Rickelle Williams is in jail accused of passing counterfeit checks in south Georgia and north Florida. Travis Minor, Carlos Montgomery, and Jerry Rawls on forgery and identity fraud charges.

Investigators say that in most cases the victims left their checks in their mailboxes making it a little bit easier for suspects to simply alter the pay to order of section on the checks. One store manager says it would be tough for someone to pull that in her store.

"It's not going to happen, no it's not going to happen here," said assistant store manager Anna Marie Albarran. She says the store requires customers to apply for a check cashing card, a process she believes deters most criminals.

"Your just going to walk away, because your going to say it's not going to work out the way I want it to, if they know that you will accept it, of course they'll try it," said Albarran. Now investigators hope that more folks will step up and make it harder for those attempting to cash counterfeit checks.

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