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AFD holds training session for fire investigations

William Knight, 1st VP of GFIA William Knight, 1st VP of GFIA

Albany firefighters fought several house fires they set on Monday. It's realistic training that could help protect you. The training they had today covers all types of fire investigations that will help firefighters work on their investigating skills.  

Black smoke and flames engulf this abandoned house on Byron Road, but it's not just any fire. It was purposely set to burn to the ground as part of a training session for the Albany Fire Department.  

"We're having a live burn for training for the firefighters also the investigators," said William Knight.    

Knight says the training session will help firefighters determine where the fire started.

"Patterns lead you back to where the fire started, because most times wherever the fire burns the longest is where the fire started. Then the fire will go up and it'll follow a normal pattern," said Knight.    

Since 8 a.m. more than 20 Albany firefighters have been in training asking Knight several questions along the way.  

"The materials first ignited, what were the materials in the room. We're there any flammables, combustibles, clothing, was it just the house that burned," said Knight.    

Knight records the training on his camera to be used at a spring training session in a couple of months.    

"We'll use these videos and the way we set this fire to train young and new investigators."

Knight says it will take more than an hour for this house to burn to the ground, as firefighters use their hoses to put out the flames ending the training session. Knight says you should always be prepared in case there's a fire.    

"Have smoke detectors, be sure you change the batteries twice a year, have a meeting point outside if you have young kids," said Knight.  

The training session continued with two more live burn sessions later in the day. Those recordings will be used at a training session in March in McDonough for more than 100 firefighters. The Georgia Fire Investigation Association says they want to thank the Albany Fire Department for allowing them to be a part of their training.

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