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Are textbooks doomed?

Nikki Dydell teaches 6th grade math at Merry Acres Middle School Nikki Dydell teaches 6th grade math at Merry Acres Middle School

Imagine if every Dougherty County student could have a computer.  Well that will soon be a reality.  School officials are hoping this initiative will do away with textbooks and take learning to a new level.    

Nikki Dydell has been teaching 6th grade math at Merry Acres Middle School for 10 years.    She tries to implement technology into her lesson plans as much as possible.  "It allows them to be able to engage in the lesson and learn how they best learn.  In this era, now with technology, the kids like that."      

And soon technology, like tablets, or portable laptops will be at the fingertips of every Dougherty County student.  

"Technology is not a new thing here," said RD Harter of the DCSS. "But the idea of every student having the resource of a personal device to call their own, to assign for them and for them to take care of and take responsibility for that is relatively new to our system. And that is the next level that we'd like to achieve."     

School officials plan to implement this one to one technology initiative next school year.  It could do away with textbooks and give each student his or her own device. "Right now they love to text, they love games, they love to have something in their hand that's technology geared so they would love to actually have that I think it would be helpful for them," said Dydell.     

Administrators are still in the planning phase, but plan to use money they would have spent on textbooks on this new technology. "Whether it will roll out all at once 100 percent or not has not been decided yet.  Whether every kid will go home the first week with a laptop has not been decided yet. 

There's still a lot to study and a lot of pieces to put in place," said Harter.      And teachers like Dydell are excited to see the plan come to life, which will personalize learning and help students succeed.   

These devices would come equipped with education specific software and a GPS tracking device.  Teachers say the different apps that are out there also helps cater to students needs in the classroom.


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