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Meerkats at Chehaw predict longer winter


Keep your coats and jackets handy, because according to the Meerkats at Chehaw, there's going to be several more weeks of winter.

At the park Sunday officials released four meerkats into their exhibit to see if they could find their shadows.

"Asante", one of the Meerkats, is Chehaw's official prognosticator, who saw his shadow and jumped into his exhibit hole.

That means we could have six more weeks of winter.

" Well Groundhog Day is kind of a pivotal point. We get to February when it's right on the cusp of getting beautiful spring time weather or some more kind of icky weather kind of like we've been having these past couple of weeks with snow, ice all that kind of fun stuff. So we use our meerkat to let us know what's going to go on," says Education Coordinator Jackie Entz .

After Asante's prediction, people got to fed the Meerkats insects and worms.

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