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Cancer patient says man stole tools from shed in Douglas

Brian and Regina Aycock, Homeowners Brian and Regina Aycock, Homeowners

A south Georgia cancer patient says a crook made her battle against the disease even more difficult.

A Douglas woman says the expense and stress that come along with being a crime victim are the last things she needs to deal with as she fights cancer.

Brian and Regina Aycock say about $3,000 dollars worth of tools were stolen from their backyard shed Saturday afternoon. When Regina Aycock came home from running errands, she came face to face with the burglar.

"There was a white male coming out of our yard with his crossbow in his hands and I stopped him and asked him was everything alright because I was really irritated that he was on our property and he said 'Yeah I broke down'," said Regina Aycock.

Christopher Tanner is accused of taking a crossbow. A neighbor called Douglas Police after seeing Tanner walking down the street with the crossbow. He was arrested and charged by police. Regina Aycock is a stage 3 breast cancer patient and says this is a stressful situation.

"To steal from us while were working and fighting our way through this cancer situation as a couple is really low," said Aycock.

The Aycocks say Tanner came by their house earlier in the week and the housekeeper saw him. They think they are being watched.

"He tried and tried, this wasn't a one deal time," said Aycock.

Once the Aycock's found out that some of their tools were missing, they went searching and found a circular saw under their tree. They says Tanner always comes on foot and may have some help.

The Aycock's say their homeowner's insurance will help cover some of the costs of the tools.

"It's just financially hard for us to replace this stuff because I'm back to work for the first time since September. And I still have radiation to go," said Aycock.

Police reports show Tanner admitted to taking the crossbow to the pawn shop after he was caught down the street from the Aycock's home on Walker Street. The Aycocks are still searching for the other tools.

"We have spent hours going through pawn shops trying to find our stuff," said Regina Aycock.

The Aycock's says Tanner is a danger to the community hope he stays in jail.

Christopher Tanner is still sitting in the Coffee County Jail charged with second degree burglary.

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