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Lee sheriff: Drugs move to smaller towns


The Lee County Sheriff says drug dealers are getting more active in small towns. His office made eight recent arrests in a narcotics crackdown.

Sheriff Reggie Rachals said some of the dealers were selling drugs openly on street corners in Smithville during broad daylight, so his drug team went to work to stop them.  

Seven thousand dollars worth of drugs was seized by the Lee County Sheriff's narcotics team.  After a year-long operation, agents busted eight people accused of selling marijuana, ecstasy, powder and crack cocaine, Oxycodone, and methamphetamine.  

And the sales were often very bold in Smithville. "They were selling all out in broad daylight.  From residences, sometimes in front of the curb stores or the grocery store up there," Lee County Sheriff Reggie Rachals said.

About one year ago when the Smithville Police Department was disbanded, Sheriff Rachals said that's when people who lived in Smithville let him know about the drug sales.  He's concerned that drug dealers seem to be moving into smaller towns.

"Yes sir. They are not reaching them any other way.  That's the way they can get to them a little bit quicker.  By setting up in these small towns." Investigators say three people were working together selling out of one mobile home, but the other five were charged with selling independent of each other.   

Rachals says he is concerned that the number of drug dealers will continue to increase along with Lee County's population. "I think we're putting a damper on it, but we are going to continue to try to do the best we can on making arrests on it."

Sheriff Rachals said tips called in from the community were essential in making these arrests, and urges people to let them know about suspicious activity in their neighborhoods.   If you want to report drug activity in Lee County, call the Sheriff's Office at 759-6012.


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