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Heating companies get slammed during cold front


South Georgia Heating and Cooling techs have been working around the clock visiting homes and answering calls, many of those calls are complaints about loud noises and steam rising from units. Technician Kolt Parsons says those things are actually normal. He says they happen when units are going through a defrost stage and fans that have been frozen are moving and hitting chunks of ice.

Heating systems in the area are not designed for extreme cold weather so they're struggling. However, there is something you can do to help make sure the temperature inside your home doesn't match the temperature outside.

"What we tell our customers is to cut the heat pump off and cut the heat strips on. And your power will go up a little bit but it will keep the house comfortable to where you can get by," South Georgia technician and installer Kolt Parsons said.

Parsons recommends this if it gets below 40 degrees.

The best thing you can to avoid cutting anything off and increasing your bill, you can get a routine service check to make sure all parts are functioning properly. Technicians say it's best to do it early before the extreme temperatures hit.


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