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Valdostans looking forward to warmer weather this weekend

Susan Mullis Susan Mullis
Vee Raolji Vee Raolji
George Sams George Sams
John L. Whitehead III John L. Whitehead III
Johnny Sada Johnny Sada

24 hours ago, Valdosta was a cold, wet, and partially covered with sleet.

But this weekend it will feel more like Summer.

"It's been a long Winter for us down here. So, we're ready for some warm weather," said Susan Mullis, owner of The Flower Gallery in downtown Valdosta.

Mullis pointed out that the warmer weather should be beneficial for business.

"It's gonna be wonderful that the weather's pickin' up because everybody in the South, they get excited and get out, wantin' to buy flowers. It just makes everybody feel good," Mullis said.

Vee Raolji is the Manager at GQ High Style in Downtown Valdosta.

He, too, is looking forward to the warm weather.

"Of course I am. I'm an outdoors person. Who wouldn't want it to be warm outside?," Raolji asked.

As for business...

"I think the warmer it gets, more people are going to come out and start shopping for Spring time instead of Winter time," explained Raolji. "I think Saturday and Sunday we're supposed to get 70, 75 degrees. So right there, it's gonna help out a lot."

But not everyone is totally happy to see the winter weather go away.

"I wish the snow had made it this far...I'm sweatin' now, man," admitted George Sams, Seamstress and Salesman at GQ High Style.

The warmer temperatures will also give the city's public works department a bit of a break and allow them to reflect on their work during the Winter storm.

"With any emergency situation, you always want to take a step back and see what we did well, what we can improve on. In this case everything went well," said Valdosta Public Works Director John L. Whitehead III.

Johnny Sada, owner of GQ High Style, says the city did an excellent job.

"Very good job. Better than Atlanta, Georgia," Sada said.

With that plus the warmer weather coming this weekend, Valdostans have two things to be happy about.

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