Viewpoint: Pit Bull Ordinance

City leaders say statistical data and recent dog attacks in our area warrant new rules. They say the new proposed ordinance improves public safety.

Mayor Hubbard was hopeful the commission would approve the ordinance, and it would become law in January, but it did not pass, due to the no vote from Commissioner Roger Marietta.

Roger Marietta said, "We don't want a flood of unwanted pit bulls roaming around the streets of Albany." Nathan Davis said, "Pit bulls pose a serious threat to the general public, we need an ordinance where we can better respond so we can better respond to that problem with that ordinance."

Some of these dog owners and Commissioner Marietta feel the ordinance is too costly. Are we actually comparing the deadly or horrific disfiguring attacks on our children, to the cost of a fence and an insurance policy.

Assistant City Manager Wes Smith said it best: "I think it boils down to two things. Pit bulls are a fairly small percentage of the population of dogs,". They are definitely a much higher percentage of the events."

These are pets…not to ever be compared to the security of children or our public safety. We hope in February, logic and common sense will rule, and this ordinance will be approved.

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