WALB's Most Wanted: High and Coney

DOUGLAS, GA (WALB) - On tonight's most wanted Coffee County investigators need your help finding two men who they say took part in violent home invasion.

Alvin High, Junior and Kevin Coney. Deputies say they were members of a home invasion crew that broke in a house on Yellow Brick Road January 21st.

The victim said three armed robbers broke in through a window and then attacked him. The home invaders got away with rifles and the victims cell phone.

Now authorities arrested Savannah Davis, Nicholas Moore and Jeffery Moore, all are charged with one count of Armed Robbery with more charges pending.

But High and Coney have managed to elude capture, but detectives say it's important they get these guys off the streets because both men are considered to be armed and dangerous.

If you know where they're hiding call 911 of the Coffee County Sheriff's Office. You can also contact the anonymous tip line at 912-383-8477.

Alvin High Junior and Kevin Coney become two of WALB's Most Wanted.

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