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South Georgia counties preparing for freeze


Grady and Thomas County residents may not have been hit hardest by the storm but officials are still on alert for problems.

Many people walked outside on Wednesday to find an abundance of ice on the grass, on cars, and even on bridges, but there have been no accidents in Thomas County.

"We have not had a single one that I've been made aware of, we had one spin out this morning but nothing was damaged, no one was hurt actually that's how we located one of our really icy spots," said Thomas County Sheriff's Department Captain Steve Jones.

Thomas County and Grady County both only experienced slight impact from the winter storm but leaders remain proactive. Grady County public works officials say around 10am during their rounds they came to the bridge at Little Tired Creek, and they noticed that ice had begun accumulating over the top of the bridge.

Grady County roads and bridges superintendent Stanley Elkins brought in trucks from Southern States Fertilizer Chemical company to sand at least thirty bridges,"a lot of counties, and I noticed even the state department they do it by hand, but I had coordinated with them, they have spreader trucks and we just load the sand on their trucks."

The counties believe they've taken the necessary precautions to prepare for whatever comes their way. "We do anticipate it going well below freezing tonight, we may have some issues with what is thawed, re-freezing and causing more issues," said Jones.

No matter what the weather brings, these counties say they're ensuring the safety of residents. Schools in Thomasville and Thomas County will be open tomorrow.

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