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Americus dodges a weather bullet


The City of Americus is still feeling some of the effects of the winter storm. Residents in Americus say they're happy the weather didn't get as bad as expected, but they still need to stay off the roads.

"People need to stay at home in this kind of weather, but it kind of hard to do, they want to get out and look. But it makes me feel real well that we didn't have any more damage than we did have," said Fire Chief Allen Erkhart.

Chief Erkhart says his department handled only a few calls in the wintry weather. "Had two calls with limbs on power lines, which knocked the power out for a little while, but Georgia Power came right on and got the power back on," said Erkhart.

The fire department was fully staffed in case things got worse. People that are driving are urged to use caution, even those that are walking because this may look like snow, but it's actually ice.

 A lot of people did get out to see the ice today. "Very cold; it's not as cold as they predicted it to be. The weather doesn't look that bad like they say it was. But it's good to take safe precaution just in case this happen again," said Shantae Calloway.

Schools and many businesses closed early yesterday ahead of the weather. People out an about today say that was a good decision.

"They took the precautions that were necessary to make sure our safety was not in any danger. But my heart goes out to the people in Atlanta," said Calloway.

City leaders say they were fully prepared for this week's weather.


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