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Car preparations for winter storms

Michael Oaks, Driver Michael Oaks, Driver
Jay Jones, Auto Zone Store Manager Jay Jones, Auto Zone Store Manager

Icy conditions in South Georgia caused some crashes but did not bring traffic to a standstill.  Roads all over Atlanta were grid locked for hours.  Michael Oaks says he underestimated the weather and came to an Albany auto parts store to get new windshield wiper blades to remove the ice on his car.  

"I didn't think the weather conditions would be that extremely bad. I didn't expect it to snow at all either," said Michael Oaks.    

Oaks doesn't have an emergency kit in his trunk. Auto Zone workers say the possibility of icy roads in our area brought in customers looking to prepare.  

"It's been quite some people coming by now getting antifreeze, letting us check their batteries to make sure they're prepared for the winter storms that's coming up," said Jay Jones.

"What we're going to do now sir is we're going to test your battery here to make sure that everything is good. The good thing is you don't have any coercion built up around your batteries here so let's just check to see if it's just your battery," said Jones as he demonstrates how to charge a battery.    

Recharging a battery can take up to 45 minutes.

"It's not saying that the battery is a bad battery, it does show that the battery doesn't have any charge into it right now which means it still could be a good battery it just needs to be charged and then retested," said Jones.    

Jones says you should keep a flashlight, jumper cables, tire sealant, deicer and an ice scraper in your car. Oaks says he is reevaluating his preparedness.  

"Have road safety equipment just in case because they say the bridge ices before the road, so technically just make sure that my car is winter prepared," said Oaks.    

Jones also says cars should be serviced periodically throughout the year. He says that particular emergency kit at his store is only $20.

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